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Tell your story.
Sell with video.

Create your offer campaigns with your Facebook Page, Instagram and Messenger. Alvin5 automates your social marketing and commerce for your business.

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How it works?

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Connect your Facebook Page and Instagram.

Create Offer

Design your Offer campaign, add a short video and set your daily ad budget.
Alvin5 will automate your marketing and promote your Offer on your Facebook Page and Instagram with targeted video ads that reach customers near your business.

Redeem In-store

Customers purchase or download your Offers on mobile, web and Messenger. Redeem offer voucher codes in-store with the built-in QRCode reader. Track your campaign success and revenue.

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Conversational Commerce for your Business

Alvin5 creates a Messenger Bot for your business, which automates your interaction with your customers on Messenger.

Auto-reply customer messages, send personalised offers, show products, send receipts, reach customers with Messenger Ads... All automated for you! Your customers can even purchase your products/offers in Messenger and redeem in-store.

Banks and Issuers

Create bank-led commerce network by connecting merchants and customers through personalized merchant offers and bank-led programmatic marketing. Alvin5 enables merchants create their offer campaigns with their Facebook accounts. Integrate with Alvin5 platform; help merchants sell more with bank-led marketing. Let your cardholders reach more personalised offers/rewards from local merchants.

Alvin5 platform is developed in Facebook Marketing API Accelerator and is the leading new technical platform for Bank-Facebook integration.

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Alvin5 is starting out as a preview. We’re going to invite local businesses to join as quickly as we can. To apply for access, please tell us a little bit about your business.

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